Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alive and Will

Will had his hydrocele repair on Friday. During explorator surgery on his right side they discovered a hernia. I was once again overhwelmed by the kindness and complimentary nature of our surgeon and his staff. They marveled over Will and his eyes, and his hair, and his patience during this ordeal.

Here is a shot of Daddy and Will in pre-op:

Will woke up very agitated and concerned about the thing that kept stats on his toe and the IV in his hand. He could hardly enjoy his popsicle! But has been an absolute trooper since his surgery and is pretty much off his meds since about 5am this morning.

I love that little boy. I prayed for him during surgery. And he came out blowing and going just like his little self. Despite doctors' orders, he did not slow down for one minute due to this little setback. He enjoyed the blow up pool in our back yard. He enjoyed biting his brother, and stealing his fair share of the new toys I bought them while they were napping.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with these two little lives. For the health we all enjoy. And for the life I never thought I'd live. I feel like I'm in some commercial for the 50's, only with updated appliances in my wonderful suburbs. Thank you for this time.

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Sarah Johnson said...

So glad things went as well as could be expected! And of course the marveled over him.... he's adorable!!! :)