Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my bloggy friends! From those of you who are mothers in waiting to those who are mommas waiting for your babies to arrive to those of us mommas who are waiting for naptime - hope your day was a good one.

My boys and I had a good weekend. Yesterday was a 2-year old birthday party for Miss Emma. The dudes finally broke the barrier of the jumpy house and actually got inside without scooting their little bottoms out the little mesh door. And they enjoyed themselves. And they took some whacks at a pinata, which was hilarious. Can't wait to see pics!

Today was a mish mash like all weekends. We blew up a small little pool for the boys and enjoyed some time on our back patio. Over an hour of bliss and no fighting over toys, etc. etc. etc. It was a good Mother's Day.

My little bout of depression seems to have passed for now. I suppose I just needed to take more time for myself. Which I'm trying to do every night by walking on the treadmill as long as I want when I get home from work, even if DH and the boys get home shortly thereafter. He can handle it. Its important for me to have that "me" time. I also need to find a way to take off some pounds in a way I can stick with. That doesn't require I make every meal from scratch or that I eliminate chocolate from my life for good. So, I'm working on baby steps.

As I was walking through the mall today (a wonderful treat during naptime, thanks DH!) I remember a few years ago when I would have felt conspicuous at the mall on Mother's Day. I would have been paranoid that everyone around me knew that I didn't have any children and that they would feel sorry for me. And I would have been lonely in that feeling. I'm sure there were others that had a rough day today, and I was with them in those few moments at the mall.

My BFF from high school announced today that she is pregnant. Her first/last pregnancy ended in M/C. Unknown reason. She waited til 4 months to tell anyone because she was so worried worried worried. Poor.Little.Thing. So, I am celebrating this Mother's Day for her, as well. It's just such an emotionally charged day all the way around.

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