Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

So, the boys and I are home together again, 5th day in a row if you're counting. It's Saturday. And DH is at work, because even though he worked at least 10 hours every day this week (some of those hours at home b/c of road conditions) the ridiculous CEO of his company must have perceived that people weren't really working and so he made today a full mandatory work day. Which totally blows because I was mentally prepared for some much-needed alone time today.

I've made the best of it, and I've enjoyed this time with the boys. But I'm ready for a change of pace. It's one thing to be a SAHM (which I'm not wired to be) but its another thing to be a SAHM stuck inside an 865-sq ft condo 5 days in a row. Thank goodness we closed on our new home on Thursday - now we wait until March to move!

Things started to thaw this morning, so I took the boys to T.arget (big mistake - the road there was a hilly ice rink) and then Babies.R.Us to get a new slide (see pics below). Yes, we need some snow day distractions but we also need something for Will to CLIMB. At least that's what I read online and thought it was worth a try.

Here is a list of things he has climbed in the past 5 days:
  1. Out of his crib
  2. Out of his pack n play
  3. On top of the musical table
  4. Up on the baby gate around the tv
  5. Up on the outside of his crib
  6. Up the front of his dresser (which thankfully we have tethered to the wall)
  7. On top of his bookcase and was walking around while his brother all panic-y yelled "dada!" "dada!" "dada!" obviously knowing this was not "ok"
  8. And the WORST! - into his high chair while the tray was attached. Yes! he is also a contortionist who can climb up the outside of the tray and then somehow swing his legs around to get in the chair. Maybe he has a future in the circus!

So....I had immediately gone to the web where I get all my parenting advice, and I read that it is healthy to teach them what it is okay to climb on, and what it is not okay to climb on. And since we don't always have daylight or opportunity to get to a playround appropriate for their size, I decided to buy them a slide they can climb. Jack loves it and yells "wee" when he slides down. Adorable! And Will likes it okay. He would much rather climb up the outside of his crib, but goes back to the slide when I say "cribs are not for climbing, let's play on your slide."

As for the crib/pack-n-play situation, I just keep putting him back in. My SIL had this problem with my niece who is about the same age about a month ago, and just one nap time of returning her to her PNP seemed to work. I have only put Will back in his twice in the last hour. He's still awake. I can hear him in there talking to himself, but he's stayed put for the last 30 minutes so far. Last time I checked he was shaking his little puppy lovey over the side of the PNP. Poor little thing must not be tired. And what can you do for that?

I'm trying to do things right. But his sleep fighting has crept into the nightime schedule the past two nights, as well. Worried about him breaking or concussing something climbing out of his crib (even though its pretty low to the ground). I may have to invest in one of those crib tents. I guess I can return it if he freaks out, which I predict he will.


PJ said...

Wow! That is a LOT of climbing!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with twins who has a small house. Ours is 947sq feet. We took out a lot of it's equity for IVF and now that the market is so crappy, I think we're in the red. So, cozy, cozy we are!

And yes, that was a seriously jerky thing for your husband's boss to do.

Jamie said...

I hope you got to close today! Did you get any of this crappy weather? The snow hadn't even melted away yet and here we are again. Snowed in.

Skeeter figured out how to crawl over the back of the couch, onto a barstool then onto the bar. Then he would run around like a wild man like he WANTED to fall off and crush his head in. There are some (most) days when I feel like I'm a dollar short and a day behind.