Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ok, I know this post will appeal to only a few of y'all. And maybe I should keep this private, but I'm just so stinkin' excited! So, for those of you who feel bloated from fertility treatments, post-pregnancy bodies, and even those of you suffering from your monthly cycle....consider this -

I have been a spandex 'tummy tucker' underwear wearer for years. It was like the never-ending search for 'thee' tummy tucker.
I had normal spandex granny-sized panties, but then my belly hung over the top.
So, then I had panties that went up to my chest, but the top would roll down.
Sometimes these garments had legs to them, but I preferred a pantie without legs, because the legs would cut into my thighs and leave a noticeable line where my fat would pucker out at the bottom of the leg.
And then I had my favorite, which was a pair of panties that went up to just under my breasts, but also had like steal bar reinforecements that kept it from rolling back down. The only bad part, and by bad I mean humiliating, was that I had to have my husband help me get it all the way up in the back. We had a nice routine worked out where he would grab either side of the garment and I would wiggle my tush until the tummy tucker was all the way up in the back. Seriously, it was effective. But not attractive.
Oh, and even more humiliating, was that if God forbid I had to go to the bathroom while wearing one of these devices. My favorite one had a hook and eye crotch, so I didn't have to take it off. But the others had to be taken completely off. And then I'd have to try to wedge the back side up again without the aid of my husband! More than once I had to lure him to the hallway outside some bar or restaurant restroom to pull up my spandex out of the public eye.

I could never get into the ones with the built in bras, because my chest is HUGE and could not be crammed into them, or they were too saggy, or they were too pointy, or too wide. Nothing was just right.

But I have recently found the best undergarment EVER!!! The Maidenform WYOB Singlet. Wear Your Own Bra!!!!!

It is like a wrestling singlet, a full one-piece singlet that slides OVER your existing bra. It has an opening in the crotch that just opens like the fly on a man's pair of tighty whitey's, only in the crotch, not the front. My husband DOES NOT have to pull it up for me, I can pull it up myself with the straps. There is no rolling down, no need to take it off to pee. And although it has legs, the ends are not tight, so there is no puckering - visible or otherwise. It has fulfilled all of my needs. You should probably buy 2 or 3.

And so today I was able to wear a dress that I really should lose 10 pounds before I wear in public. Yay for the WYOB!!!


Erin said...

Thank you dear!!! I have a bridesmaid dress that is a bit clingy and this will be perfect under it! I will be buying it :)

JamieD said...

What a fantastic idea! I bet the person who invented it is now living as a millionaire. I just hope it is a woman and not a man who spent the better part of his life trying to figure out how to make his wife's rolls less noticable.