Sunday, August 23, 2009

DH and I are watching Gangland that we had Tivo'd for weeks. Jack is sleeping in his swing. Will is entertaining himself with his voice in his baby gym. A typical night at A's home.

Jack is working on tooth #2, so its a blessing he's asleep. When he's awake, he seems mostly to be in pain. I broke down and gave him a dose of children's Tylenol. I don't want to be one of those parents who always drugs their kid for their own inconvenience (so they don't have to deal with fussing), and I also do not want to make my son suffer. Since he can't talk, this to me is a difficult line to walk. Will has no signs of teething for now.

I have an opportunity at work to move into a new position, maybe. Our business may be acquiring another business, in a city three hours closer to my family, in the next month or so. One of the VP's thinks I should take the job. I'm not sold. I like the idea of a better opportunity, moving closer to Iowa, and the potential to make more money. But we're kind of established here now, and I'm pretty secure in my current position. So, I'm flattered and flabergasted by his belief in me. And while I'm open to opportunity, I'm not sure this is the right opportunity. So, DH and I have been talking and dreaming about that this weekend. This other city has a higher cost of living, and where we would live vs where I would work would be a bigger commute, so I need to do some numbers and look at housing so I know what kind of base salary I would accept. Also, I'd kind of have to apply for this position, and I really think they should be chasing me. I guess if I don't want to put forth the effort to apply, then I already know what my heart is feeling, huh? But still, I got sweaty palms when the VP was sharing his enthusiasm with me. I was absolutely delighted!

Ok, Will's driving me nuts. I've been blocking it out, but now I need to go distract him so he perhaps will consider giving up the screech.

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JamieD said...

Ahhh . . . there's nothing like the screech of a baby wanting Mommy time!

It sounds like the job offer is something to think about. It would be nice to be closer to family and is always flattering to be asked to apply.

There is a lot to think about. I'm sure the more information you get, the easier the decision will be. Your heart will know the answer.

How have you been feeling?