Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where does the time go?

I've been gone forever!  I didn't mean to, but my life has just been that crazy since we moved to KC.

The boys will be 4 in a few weeks.  Can you believe it?  FOUR!  They are funny and ornery and testing us most days.  We are learning how to manage their behavior and working at being better parents.  Some days we are exhausted and lazy.  Other days we bake muffins and finger paint and go on adventures outside.  It helps when its nice enough to be outside.  I think we've all had some cabin fever this winter, which we weren't used to in Dallas.

I worry about Will.  He doesn't like to listen to his teachers.  I think he is bored, but that is really no excuse for being a terror.  And by terror, I mean just refusing to obey.  Making lion noises and not staying on his cot during nap time.  We are working on a reward system.  It works right away and we do it for like a week and then get lazy until he starts acting up again!  But I know he is smart, so I hope we can get past this.  He can write his name. He recognizes places we've only been once before, months ago.  Like we went to the mall yesterday - he had only been there once in December - and he asked, "is Santa here?"  And while my mom was here with the boys last week, she told him he couldn't do something and he said, "But momma's not here." Obviously, he knows he can't pull that crap when I'm around, but he was definitely hoping grandma wouldn't know any better!

I do not worry about Jack.  He isn't innocent, but he tends to get back in line sooner.  He is funny. Loves to dance and sing.  He can break dance and hula dance and sing this little song "Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light". He recognizes numbers and announces them, reads clocks.  He laughs and giggles and fights over toys with his brother.  He loves family and our neighbors.  And play doh and the color pink.

They start soccer next Saturday, so I can finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a soccer mom.  All I need now is a minivan!  J/K.  But they will be the cutest little soccer players, and we're excited to get them into a club sport and out of the house.

Tomorrow I go back on the Low Iodine Diet (LID) for the next three weeks in preparation for a full body scan on Friday, April 5th.  No reason for concern.  Just normal follow up.  My last scan was about 18 months ago, so its time.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my new endocrinologist in KC.  He was a referral from one of our neighbors, Tina, who lives on the cul de sac behind us.  She had her thyroid removed a few weeks before we moved here.  Smaller tumor.  No radiation.  But still a connection right away.

So, today I bought all the low iodine groceries and tonight I started preparing meals.  I am such a picky eater, and not being able to eat anything restaurant prepared for three weeks is difficult for me.  Like tomorrow.  Work luncheon. I will be eating....oh, that's right....I can't risk!  But I'm just whiney.  I still think I have this totally easy compared to other, "real" cancers.  DH is bringing me some steak fajitas from OTB as my "last supper".  Love that guy.

Things are better at work.  Its still a lot of pressure to do well, and a lot more people stuff than task stuff.  But it really is going well.  Definitely better than I thought it would be when I last posted

I am so lucky to have inherited a really well run company so I can take my time learning and not have to solve any major problems on day 1.  Here is a picture of me on Day 1 in my retro original logo, trying to prove that I was an OG.  Plus, it was windy and it kept the wind out of my hair.

DH has started as a commercial realtor.  No commissions yet, but he has co-workers and is enjoying the job.  And luckily my job pays well enough to support us.

Here is one of our family pics from this fall.  I always wanted to do a photo shoot in our bed.  The boys thought it was a blast.  And then I felt weird doing anything with the pictures, like maybe it was a little too intimate or something.

We have the BEST.NEIGHBORS.EVER!  Every Sunday night the ladies on the cul de sac behind us get together for "wine night" either at one of our houses or in the "hot tub" (not that I'm a hot tub person, but it doesn't suck).  We borrow tables and ski pants from each other.  We shovel each other's driveways.  Its pretty amazing, and something we've never ever had before.  I never even had this my whole life.

Here is a pic of us trick or treating with our neighbors last fall.

I have also joined a scrapbooking club.  They meet every other month and twice a year for an all-day crop.  I hadn't really kept up since the boys were born, so its been nice to get some pages done, but mostly I enjoy the girls in the group.

The best part about being in KC has been all the visitors!  This month, we have visitors Every.Single.Weekend!  My brother here was here for Thanksgiving.  My friend Tara has been to visit twice.  My mom and step-dad just left on Friday.  And when my grandfather passed away in January, I was able to drive up to Iowa in a moment's notice to see him, on a good day, before it was too late.  

KC is not Dallas.  I still miss our life there, and our house there, and the weather.  But it has been good in a lot of ways that Dallas was never going to be.  So, like an old boyfriend that I'll never get over, I still pine for Dallas.  

We still have our "totsicles" as I like to call them - embryos frozen for future use.  I can't give up the dream of having another child, no matter how tired I am or how much these dudes fight.  So, I keep paying the annual fee.  

I'm not sure I have enough energy to start from scratch again with diapers and up-all-night and all that, but I also just can't let go just yet.....

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Sarah Johnson said...

I have SO been wondering about you! Glad things are going well for you guys and I'll be praying for you with the scan. Please don't wait so long to blog again! :)