Monday, February 13, 2012

I Want to Celebrate My Birthday like YOU do

So...I had a very good couple of days last week.

On Monday, my boss and I drove to Wichita and I had my interview for the big KC job. I made a VP get out of my "lucky chair" where I had accepted my job in Dallas only two years before. After my interview, I enjoyed dinner and a movie with friends from Wichita who I never seem to get enough time with. My dear friend S. was there - she and I share the same birth-day. Same day. Different years. She's older, which I enjoy pointing out.

On Tuesday, I celebrated my birthday About 30 guys serenaded me, which was actually very good. I got the first beer of the day as a gift during a work meeting. Everyone else had to earn theirs! I continued the celebration at dinner and drinking until late in the night while cuddled up on a hotel sofa surrounded by new and old friends from work. It was a good day.

On Wednesday, we finished up our meetings. My competition had his interview. And about 10 minutes later, the owner of our company called me. I was somewhere in Oklahoma at the time, and couldn't hear anyone on the line. So, I hung up. And he called back...."A., this is Walter, please don't hang up!" And then.....he offered me the job! Which I of course accepted while slapping my boss in the arm. As girls will do. While he was driving about 80 mph. I was a little spastic. A little speechless.

I couldn't tell anyone until the official word had gone out to the team in KC so didn't get to share the news until Thursday night with my own family.

And now....I'm still a little in disbelief. Still excited and flattered by the job they're giving me. But also a little .... mid-winter lazy, I guess.

When we moved to Dallas, it was all rush-rush. I took the job, that night we called a realtor. The next day she came over. The next day she listed it. The next day we had a showing. The next day we had an offer. And less than 4 weeks later we were moved!

So far, I have called a brick guy to quote the sidewalk that needs repaired on our front walk and made a list of some other minor things - flowers to plant, places that needs some touch up paint where sippy cups have rebounded, etc. etc. etc. Nothing big.


It all just seems like SO much work.

Since this to me is a safe place, I can admit to you hear that I am a little concerned that we will look back at these days as the best in our life. That we will think we had it so good when we lived in Texas. That life was perfect. And that by taking this job I am somehow messing with perfection. I will desperately miss my boss. And his family {btw, saw the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the Dallas Museum of Art this weekend with boss's wife and daughter - and wow - how shee shee!}. And the people here. And our perfect house. And how easy it is for me to be incredibly successful.

And really, on a day to day basis, I'm not sure I could be happier than I am with my current boss. I mean it. I'm

But I am desperate to be back near our family. We will be just 3 hours from his and hers (mine and his). Which means we won't waste all of our vacation days traveling to see family and maybe we can actually take real vacations. AND see our family more often. And the boys will know their cousins and their grandparents as more than just the people we visit once a year. Win-Win!

But today, looking down the barrel of selling our dream home, packing and moving and finding a new place to live and shop and for the boys to spend their happy little days sounds like entirely too much work. I just feel....lazy.

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